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Done last night / so far this morning:
Straightened the living room (especially the shelves by the front door); gave [livejournal.com profile] arawen a shelf by the front door
Reordered the tea
Helped clear kitchen / kitchen table somewhat (put away alcohol bottles, sorted bowls by color)
Sorted small pile of papers in the media room
Setup new dvd player (still need to find Video Essentials / order Avia and calibrate)
Emptied / filled dishwasher
Folded laundry
Put away laundry
Made dinner
Put away dinner leftovers
Made brownies
Swathed brownie leftovers in plastic
Entered 1 stack of books into booklist
Entered dvds into dvd list
Updated Tivo billing
Paid online bills
Paid gas bill
Refilled soap in upstairs bathroom
Emptied some veggie remains into the compost bin
Watched 2 episodes of Mork and Mindy
Downloaded more gym videos
Reordered drugs
Got -way- too little sleep

Things still to do:
figure out where training is on Monday
Deal with book / Ebay feedback
Straighten media room
Enter rest of items on table in media room (books, cds)
Work with Tivo networking / setup
Video work
get replacement credit card
Order trash can
Clear off stairs
Call arborist -again-
Call someone about poison ivy removal
File / sort papers in office and on stairs
grocery shopping run
clean bathrooms
clean off dresser / bedside table
wash sheets
sort / backup e-mail
synch PDA to get its brain back
call parents
order Harmony 676 remote control
clean stuff out of car
clean car (take to car wash)
get car inspected 8/1
take items to sell / get rid of away
reorganize plastic containers
Return clothing items to stores
Papers in inbox
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