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There have been news stories lately about sunblock ratings and how they need to change (for example: current UVA protection claims on packaging mean nothing).

The Environmental Working Group has published a Sunscreen Summary rating a large number of sunscreens on both sun hazard (e.g. how effective they are against UVA / UVA) and health hazard (based on certain chemicals - they break down the ingredients in detail in case you don't care about fragrance, etc.).

[livejournal.com profile] naturalliving has a nice short list of some of the more affordable good ones and links to where they can be bought, saving a lot of research time.

ETA: Note that some of these sunscreens may contain nanoparticles, which have a bit of controversy surrounding them that I haven't researched yet to my satisfaction.

This information actually comes at a good time for me - I was wondering if I should buy some of that Anthelios stuff they have by the counter at CVS, even though it's pretty expensive. Now I think I'll buy something else (and if anyone else is interested / wants to go in on an order somewhere, let me know, although I'm not quite sure what I want yet).

Also, if you use cosmetics or...well, soap...you might be interested in the rest of the Environmental Working Group's cosmetics database.

And maybe I'll make a personal post at some point...or maybe I won't...
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