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It appears that we've finished this big project. :)

Operation Paint House is DONE. [1]
Operation Patch Roof is DONE.
Operation Silicone Caulk Outside Boxes is DONE.

Minor projects still pending:
Operation Apply Rustoleum is ~70% done (need to apply black spray paint to door trim and gas pipe, but can't happen until white spray paint dries).
Operation Paint Porch Floor is ~20-30% done (?) (Estimated 1.5 hours wet scraping left, possibly other preparation, then 1 coat primer + 1 coat sealer + 2-3 coats enamel paint, plus touch-up enamel paint at front and side door thresholds).

Operation Point Chimneys likely is going to happen in October. Operation Install Doorbell waits on my calling the electrician again.

[1] [livejournal.com profile] arawen got so sick of the painters that on Friday that he paid them the remaining money so that they'd go away, and then he finished up the spot painting (e.g. under the air conditioner, which they -completely- missed) himself.


Aug. 20th, 2005 06:42 pm
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We have door.[1] I helped. [livejournal.com profile] arawen is way too mighty with a rubber mallet, as it is not supposed to dent the wood - I feel like I should take him around to county fairs to see if he can beat those strength meter games and win prizes and glory.

Carpenter worked all day on basically reshingling the side of our dormer so that proper flashing could be put beneath to keep the -new- shingles from rotting out as well (should have been there from the beginning...built by monkeys! Monkeys!). He or someone else is going to need to come back and do the other side (possibly with a less annoying and somewhat faster process - i.e. actually reshingling the side of the dormer, instead of cutting lots of weirdly shaped shingle pieces), as well as couple of other rotted places. Still, progress!

And soon I will no longer post incessantly about the house.

[1] Door is still missing one piece of wood at the top, a lockset / handle, and decorative trim. However, it is in, and it opens and closes as well as the old door, which is to say that it sticks a bit, but that's better than coming open and leaking, especially considering that it's belowgrade.
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I really, really hope that the saga of the house painting will be over next week...

1 step backwards, 3 steps forwards? )

I've had some vague thoughts of other things to journal about, but I guess my brain's kind of eaten at the moment. Mmmm, brains...
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It literally took them about 15 minutes at most to put the electrical boxes and conduit back where they were supposed to be. And the owner showed up to look at things also (not expected but good) - he didn't apologize or anything, but improvements appear to be occurring, which is the most important thing. I still want to tell him the proper things to say to a customer during a bad situation.

The sub-flunkies are sitting on our across-the-street neighbor's recycling bin (it's trash day) - I have no idea why - and someone seems to have brought a woman along (I'd say she was part of the team except she's not dressed for it and she was sitting by the side of our driveway). She looks bored - I almost want to offer her a book.
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So I had a cranky day - I admit it. I got way too little sleep last night, and I was woken up early by the painters, and...whatever. I was fine until after lunch, when I suddenly had to deal with about five things at once (none really pressing, so not a big deal under normal circumstances) and all I wanted to do was take a nap. At least I think I got my package finished, even though it took way too long and I had to bother people way too many times (although I got reminded that it was okay to ask if I didn't know how to do something). I am so not used to not being a senior tech anymore.

Then I came home, and all I wanted to do was get some dinner, and sit around, and maybe try to do something useful, and go to bed early. But, alas, the painters had been here, and no good can come from the painters. Don't believe me? I have pictures.

It's not whining if it's -justified-...(I'd actually rather be whining) )

*pokes at herself* Yup, still fuming on and off. I think I'll go kill some carrots and onions now for dinner. Poor things aren't going to know what hit them.


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