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Out of context quote of the night:

How many braincells does a chocolate chip have?
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It's scary what happens when something breaks inertia and causes you actually to do something. Between about 3:15 and 4:45, [livejournal.com profile] arawen and I both shoveled the driveway (which required going outside!) and -finally- built the workbench. We are now convinced that all furniture that comes from Sweden is at least in some way well-designed. Also, he has played the Ikea song at me, which was slightly disturbing.

We continue our battle of who can rip cds faster - I had a head start, but he has fewer cds, so he is catching up in finishing cds if not in amount of music captured. I must persevere! I have cds I don't even remember picking up, so my discard pile may be growing as I actually listen to them again.

(Also played Warcraft, am now at about 2/3 of the way to level 42, and helped Betheny finish some quests in Desolace because she's almost 40 - and probably will have reached that by now - and 40 means mount and portals and other special mage things for her.)

Hi, 2006

Jan. 1st, 2006 09:58 am
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Happy New Years, everyone. :) And to those in the Boston area (at least), Happy Winter Wonderland. Wow, it's pretty outside this morning.
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So I'm currently sitting at work, taking a short break to caffeinate myself into some semblance of being awake and functional (seriously - I was walking back from my meeting, which is about a quarter mile away at most, and my body went, "So, I can stop and sit down, right? I don't have to walk *all* that way back by myself, do I?" - I blame actually having gotten exercise this week, and the rain), and listening to the Chronicles of Narnia CD that [livejournal.com profile] arawen bought with some of the Best Buy gift certificates he got for Christmas (behold the power of suggestion!).

I think it's a lovely soundtrack so far - pretty melodies, nice orchestration, interspaced tracks that have more of an impact (some soundtracks can be nice but so bland as to come and go without really being noticed). I'm especially partial to a track ("Evacuating London" - which really isn't a spoiler) with almost wordless vocals (I believe they are words) over some strings and percussion that suggests to me the feeling of movement and potential (coming near the beginning of the movie and involving train travel, this obviously is fitting).

all these soundtracks using choral groups - where did they come from? )

So are these soundtracks derivative, and if so, which one or ones came first and caused the trend? Is it just that the composers who are using these sorts of vocals have composed a large number of recent soundtracks, or that the popularity of the first ones have caused them to continue writing in the same manner?

(Those are half-rhetorical questions - I could do the research to try and find this out, and very well may at some point when I have more brain, but right now, I'm more musing about it absentmindedly, and without putting that much effort into refining my thoughts, because currently very little brain, which is also why my terminology isn't as good as I'd like it. If someone else is interested and / or has more information or thoughts on this, though, please, go ahead and share. :) )
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Black Box Voting proves electronic voting system hack in Leon County, Florida.

(Shown in one place...will this affect others? Right, not cynical. Okay. Go, Florida!)
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Jiggety jig [heehaw heehaw] It's Dominick the donkey.
Jiggety jig [heehaw heehaw] The Italian Christmas donkey!

Because reindeer don't climb the hills of Italy.


(The radio, it is evil...)

Home now

Nov. 26th, 2005 09:29 pm
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Chinese food and couch. Good.
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It takes almost exactly 45 minutes to get from Woburn to Manchester, NH airport at 4am with no traffic. The Buffy soundtrack is a very good thing.

It started snowing after we got to the airport. This also is a very good thing, in that it wasn't snowing on the way. Snow also in Michigan.

We arrived at the house in Ann Arbor about 1pm or 1:30. [livejournal.com profile] arawen currently is comparing that travel time to the time it takes to drive. There are still some improvements over driving for me, however, in that I was able to sleep on the plane and have other people transport me about without having to do anything about it (although I'm sure it helps that I didn't have any motion sickness, unlike [livejournal.com profile] arawen - high winds in Chicago and Detroit today). And, flying through Midway takes a lot longer than flying direct, which is more like 4+ hours total. Anyway, here now and I have made two pumpkin pies and eaten lunch, since we haven't even started cooking the turkey (but it's a little one, so it should only take 3 hours to cook, or at least so I've been told).

I left all the recipes that I usually use on my other computer. At least there's only one that I can't find online somewhere in some form, that being my cousin's stuffing recipe, which I can try to reproduce from memory (1 bunch celery 1 bunch carrots 1 onion minced up in food processor; saute in butter; add toast cubes / shreds from some insane amount of bread slices, add eggs, add vegetable broth instead of gravy so my dad can eat it - I think the eggs get added last? Maybe?). Still massively confused by the fact that my parents own an electric can opener and a toaster oven, both of which were scorned while I was growing up.

Rest of dinner, besides turkey and stuffing and pie! is fresh cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, candied yams, and rolls, plus possibly another vegetable (honeyed carrots, mashed potatoes, salad, etc. - one of those) if deisred but really, that should be enough food.

Asked my parents to tape part of one of the parades on TV so that it could play in the background while cooking. However, a dog show currently is playing instead (with the sound turned off). It works. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)
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(need to fix the Tivos so that I can watch it more also)

I present to you TWOP's take on a Daily Show shirt.
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I don't post that many of these, but I'm happy about this one. This really was 4th or 5th - 6th grade math for me, though (or possibly a little earlier, because I did Kumon for a year or two, and they do lots of basic algebra repetition).

I passed 8th grade math! meme )
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I used "started it" to mean that I own it but haven't watched it (there are a couple on the list that I think I might own but wasn't sure and was too lazy to check my list - I left those as not having seen), and I used "hated it" to mean a movie that I haven't seen and never want to see, for various reasons. And I still can't remember if I've seen se7en.

(This does not mean that these are the movies that -I- think are the best of all time. :) )


scroll to bottom to copy the html

IMDB's Top 100 Best Movies of All Time
generate this HTML for your own page at ObeytheFist.com

The Results )

Which movies have you seen?

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Tarot Card: The Sun
Meaning (generalized): Shiny!

Probability all three of us would get that card in our tarot readings in the same position in the spread type (10 card celtic cross, 78 card deck, fully shuffled in between):
1 / (78^3) = 1 / 474552

[livejournal.com profile] arawen's tarot deck does things like this.
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From [livejournal.com profile] castalusoria, I give you Cats! In! Sinks! [stops channeling the Muppet Show]
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It appears that we've finished this big project. :)

Operation Paint House is DONE. [1]
Operation Patch Roof is DONE.
Operation Silicone Caulk Outside Boxes is DONE.

Minor projects still pending:
Operation Apply Rustoleum is ~70% done (need to apply black spray paint to door trim and gas pipe, but can't happen until white spray paint dries).
Operation Paint Porch Floor is ~20-30% done (?) (Estimated 1.5 hours wet scraping left, possibly other preparation, then 1 coat primer + 1 coat sealer + 2-3 coats enamel paint, plus touch-up enamel paint at front and side door thresholds).

Operation Point Chimneys likely is going to happen in October. Operation Install Doorbell waits on my calling the electrician again.

[1] [livejournal.com profile] arawen got so sick of the painters that on Friday that he paid them the remaining money so that they'd go away, and then he finished up the spot painting (e.g. under the air conditioner, which they -completely- missed) himself.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 07:58 am
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I already have a jester hat of my own, thank you very much...
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I found out today that what used to be an Einstein Bros. Bagels is going to become...a Dunkin' Donuts!


This makes literally 8-10 Dunkin' Donuts (depending on whether you count the one(s) in the Stop and Shops and the one that's part of a new gas station but prominently marketed - and it's possible I missed a few) within 2 miles of my house. I've mentioned the masses of evil donut places in the past, but that was before they added 3 new ones. I have created a map and shared it with another, who was properly horrified. While I have not yet determined a pattern to the madness, I will study the map for I must thwart their evil goal if I can.

[I know that technically 4 of them are in Burlington or Stoneham instead of Woburn, but what difference does it make. It burns!!! And I still can't find a nice little cafe that's open late unless I go into Somerville / Medford. It's getting to where I almost hope Krispy Kreme does move in just to break up the monotony.]
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I just watched all of Jumpin' Jack Flash waiting to see a scene that doesn't actually exist the movie. For years I've been convinced that JJF (which I've obviously never seen completely, or I would know this already) contains a scene in which Whoopi Goldberg breaks into a big house dressed as a maid. No, no, that's from another movie she did in the 80s (according to a semi-frantic Google search - Burglar(1987) ). For the entire movie, though, I was happily sitting there expecting that scene to show up at any moment and wondering how it fit into the plot (now it makes sense: it doesn't!).

I still thought the movie was amusing - not revolutionary or anything, but not every movie has to be like that. Not being annoying was a good thing in itself tonight.

Also, *quirks an eyebrow at IMDB* "Today's IMDB poll question is: Kirsten Dunst, or Scarlet Johanssen?" (... For -what-?!? Best actress, best looking, most likely to run away screaming from stampeding horses?)


Aug. 27th, 2005 02:33 pm
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Today, [livejournal.com profile] arawen and I took his grandfather to the Stone Zoo as a birthday present, to see the Birds of Prey show before it leaves (next weekend is the last set of shows for the season - I don't know if they do these every year or not). Despite living about 10 minutes at most from the zoo, we've never managed to visit it, and since [livejournal.com profile] arawen's grandfather is very into bird-watching, it made sense as a present in many different ways.

I tend to be a little...not pretentious, really, but picky about zoos. When I was younger, I was taken to a couple of zoos that consisted mostly of barren, empty, dusty enclosures with bored looking animals (one specifically in Phoenix), and I -hated- them, because they seemed so cruel. Luckily, in the past couple of decades (?), many zoos have moved towards recreating much more natural habitats (one of my favorites is Brookfield Zoo in the Chicago area, which has a lovely indoor mixed environment full of birds and small primates and reptiles and other non-predator species from specific regions - I know a number of other zoos have done the same). I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Stone Zoo, since it is quite small and considering that the Aquarium was complaining about not having enough visitors or money (and it's much more of a tourist attraction), it could have been very rundown. Luckily, for the most part that wasn't the case. Also, the Birds of Prey show was wonderful.

Cut for length and pictures )
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Project Bike-to-Work: Day Two. Quick summary: W00t!
Longer summary: Easier than day one (although getting on the bike in the morning was...not pleasant (luckily that went away after about five minutes). Time from work to home: 36 minutes. :) (inordinately pleased with herself)

Project Paint-the-House-Oh-Please: Quick summary: My house is grey! And it looks pretty!
Longer summary: Everything is done except for the two areas still waiting carpentry (and then prime and paint), which hopefully will happen Monday. Still need to walk around the house and review. I kind of wish that the lattice had been painted trim color instead of body color, but that's a nit-pick and worst case can be repainted next year if it still bothers me. (It's also a little strange not to have the trim on the porch window outlined in red, but that's an even easier change to make at pretty much any time.)

ETA: Although we have now reviewed the paint job to this point, and: 1) What idiots paint downspouts in the rain?, and 2) What idiots paint areas that are going to have shingle carpentry work done in under a week?, and 3) What idiots paint the sides and bottom of a (removable bottom piece of) downspout and not the top -visible- area? Obviously, the idiots we hired. Oh well. Heads will roll...
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Oh dear. Disney Extinct Attractions dvds may be very dangerous (especially the ones about the monorails, Horizons, the *real* Journey into Imagination, Carousel of Progress, Kitchen Kabaret, and American Adventure).
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